13 Things: Pics I Love (TT #16)

1. :-)
2. St. John
3. My Grandfather and me at Christmas
4. Cuteness
5. So sweet
6. Happy boys
7. Mr. A and his Aunt
8. As Happy As Ever
9. Johnny Girl
10. Japanese Gardens
11. Christmas 2004
12. Fun on the Beach
13. Playing with my New Camera

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3 Responses to 13 Things: Pics I Love (TT #16)

  1. deb says:

    Great pics! I especially like the puppy with the Mountain Dew bottle…adorable!
    Enjoy your Thursday :))

  2. Michelle says:

    I vote for the black and white on the beach-I love it.

  3. Oma Flinger says:

    Ohhh, this is tough. B&W on beach, yes. Dog who loves mountain dew, cute. Climbing tree, yep. Happy couple and ohhh K. I like them all.

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