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Cub Scout Mountain Trip 2014::Appletree Campground, NC {Day 3}

If you missed Day 1 or Day 2 recap of our trip with the Cub Scouts to the North Carolina mountains, please catch up on those first.

Day 3 of our trip consisted of another hot breakfast, chapel, clean up, hike, and drive home.

Waiting for chapel to start.

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Cub Scout Mountain Trip 2014::Bryson City, NC {Day 2}

If you missed my post on the 1st Day of our Cub Scout Mountain trip, click here.

The 2nd day ended up being a little different for us. Many folks decided to go white water rafting on the Nantahala River. This is not a scout sanctioned event, so this was just an outing for any family that wanted to go. Rob and I had decided not to go, because Rob will be doing it soon with the boy scout troop. However, we didn’t want Monkey to miss out if he wanted to go, which he did, so he ended up getting to go with another family. Here’s a collage I did of a few pics that one of the Dads took during their rafting adventure…

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Cub Scout Mountain Trip 2014::Appletree Campground, NC {Day 1}

Friday morning we got up early, gathered up a few last minute things, and hopped in the car on our way up to the Nantahala National Forrest for our last Cub Scout Summer trip ever.

twotrailers - 1

I took this picture before we left. We just recently got a tow package on my Pilot, because Rob has 2 times where he has to pull trailer for scouts. The first time being this last weekend for the cub scouts. The other being next week for the boy scouts. Oh I digress…

So we had an uneventful trip up to North Carolina. We ended up stopping for lunch with our friends who were coming for the cub scout trip as well. They were stopping at Doug’s Cafe for lunch, so we decided to meet them there. When we turned in we decided it would be easier to park in the empty lot across the street...

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Family Date Night

A few weeks ago, we left work early, checked the kids out of school, and drove up to Atlanta for a night at the Fox. After getting up to Atlanta, we parked and decided to walk around a bit before figuring out where we would eat dinner.

All Saints Episcopal in Downtown Atlanta
We walked by this beautiful church, All Saints Episcopal Church and decided to go inside.

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Day Trip to Birmingham

Remember a few weeks ago, when I wrote about the Wednesday that Rob and I had a free day from work? Well, we ended up taking a day trip up to Birmingham, since Teenager was going to be playing in a soccer game that afternoon.

We headed up towards Birmingham and ended up stopping for lunch as we were too hungry to wait till we got to B’ham. We txted some good friends who gave us some suggestions. So stopped at Big “B” Bar-B-Q in Alex City.
The moose at Big B Bar-B-Que

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New Year’s Eve 2013

I just realized I never really finished talking about our trip back from Texas. We had flown out there with plans to visit with Dad, help him out with whatever he needed help with, and prepare the truck he was giving us and drive it back home. Well, as you know plans changed while we were in flight to DFW.

After the Memorial Service on Monday, Rob and Teenager took over the task of getting the truck ready. We also decided to take the trailer that my Dad had as well. Meanwhile, I spent time helping Justin and Jason going through stuff at Dad’s house. Divvying things up, throwing things out, enjoying some laughs along the way from items/pictures we found.

I also walked around and just took pics of random things of Dad’s.
Dad's training bike

Dad's closet

We ended up leaving late New Year’s Eve and drove until about ...

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At the Park with Cousins

I’m still playing catch up with all my pics and posts. These pics were taken while we were in Texas in December. We took a break from all the memorial service planning, cleaning out of Dad’s house, etc to let the boys play at the park with my Brother, Mel’s kids. It was a much needed break for everyone!
Mel kickin' the clouds

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Church Retreat {2014}

Friday afternoon, I dropped Teenager off for Winter Retreat 2014. I get chills to see the 100′s of teenagers anxiously waiting to load the 7 charter buses to drive away. Shocco Springs in Talladega, AL hosts both the Youth Retreat and the Family Church Retreat.

Dropping Teenager off WR2014

Dropping Teenager off WR2014

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Boy Scout Ski Trip 2014::Gatlinburg, TN {Day 3 & 4}

If you missed my post about Day 1 & 2, you should read it here first.
Sunday we got up pretty early so we could hit the slopes before the crowds. We ate breakfast at the hotel, rode the tram back up the mountain, got our ski boots and skis, and then it was time for ski school for most everyone.

Waiting for our lesson to begin
SkiTripDay2-2014 - 03

Not long after we took this pic we saw Teenager as well as most of the other boy scouts, flying down the mountain like they’d been skiing for years. The realization hit that they had skipped ski school! That would be a discussion we would have with them later, but now was time for us to listen and learn.

Rob at Ski School
SkiTripDay2-2014 - 18

Monkey working on his skills in front of our Ski School teacher
SkiTripDay2-2014 - 22

Me holding my hands in front of me to ensure I keep my balance

After we were ...

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Cub Scout Trip 2014::McWane Center {Birmingham}

This past weekend we went to Birmingham for our Cub Scout Winter Trip to McWane Center. We did this back in 2012 and had such a good time. It is such a fun trip and is so easy for the leaders. As the Cubmaster’s Wife, I am so happy when there’s less work for him!

McWane Center Trip 2014

Laying on a bed of nails.
McWane Center Trip 2014

Watching how the shape changes as it begins to spin
McWane Center Trip 2014

Teenager got the High Cycle stuck!
McWane Center Trip 2014

McWane Center Trip 2014

Monkey waiting for the IMAX movie to start
McWane Center Trip 2014

About to work on a Belt Loop
McWane Center Trip 2014

We got placed on the 3rd floor this year. Heat rises so this floor was pretty warm. Most parents flocked to this meeting room, because it was quite and cooler! Since I was getting over being sick, I was all about wanting to be comfortable so I was all for the cooler room.
McWane Center Trip 2014
While the boys were busy working on their belt loop, I layer on ...

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