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New Year’s Eve 2013

I just realized I never really finished talking about our trip back from Texas. We had flown out there with plans to visit with Dad, help him out with whatever he needed help with, and prepare the truck he was giving us and drive it back home. Well, as you know plans changed while we were in flight to DFW.

After the Memorial Service on Monday, Rob and Teenager took over the task of getting the truck ready. We also decided to take the trailer that my Dad had as well. Meanwhile, I spent time helping Justin and Jason going through stuff at Dad’s house. Divvying things up, throwing things out, enjoying some laughs along the way from items/pictures we found.

I also walked around and just took pics of random things of Dad’s.
Dad's training bike

Dad's closet

We ended up leaving late New Year’s Eve and drove until about ...

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At the Park with Cousins

I’m still playing catch up with all my pics and posts. These pics were taken while we were in Texas in December. We took a break from all the memorial service planning, cleaning out of Dad’s house, etc to let the boys play at the park with my Brother, Mel’s kids. It was a much needed break for everyone!
Mel kickin' the clouds

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Church Retreat {2014}

Friday afternoon, I dropped Teenager off for Winter Retreat 2014. I get chills to see the 100′s of teenagers anxiously waiting to load the 7 charter buses to drive away. Shocco Springs in Talladega, AL hosts both the Youth Retreat and the Family Church Retreat.

Dropping Teenager off WR2014

Dropping Teenager off WR2014

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Boy Scout Ski Trip 2014::Gatlinburg, TN {Day 3 & 4}

If you missed my post about Day 1 & 2, you should read it here first.
Sunday we got up pretty early so we could hit the slopes before the crowds. We ate breakfast at the hotel, rode the tram back up the mountain, got our ski boots and skis, and then it was time for ski school for most everyone.

Waiting for our lesson to begin
SkiTripDay2-2014 - 03

Not long after we took this pic we saw Teenager as well as most of the other boy scouts, flying down the mountain like they’d been skiing for years. The realization hit that they had skipped ski school! That would be a discussion we would have with them later, but now was time for us to listen and learn.

Rob at Ski School
SkiTripDay2-2014 - 18

Monkey working on his skills in front of our Ski School teacher
SkiTripDay2-2014 - 22

Me holding my hands in front of me to ensure I keep my balance

After we were ...

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Wild, Wild West Trip 2013::Houston, TX & Baton Rouge, LA {Day 9 & 10}

The end of our long trip culminated with visiting of 2 more families. Saturday we enjoyed a visit from Rob’s sister, Jill and her husband and their new baby girl. So exciting to get to meet our newest niece.

Monkey had fun playing with his new cousin.
Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.27.2013 - 24

Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.27.2013 - 44

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Wild, Wild West Trip 2013:: Houston, TX {Day 8}

Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.26.2013 - 180

Day 8 of our trip began with kolaches at Mornings Kolaches. Yummy! Then we headed to Johnson Space Center aka NASA for a busy, fun-filled day.
Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.26.2013 - 001

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Wild, Wild West Trip 2013::Texas Tour {Day 7}

On Day 7 we got up bright and early and told Granny goodbye. The boys had decided the night before that they wanted to go see the baseball stadium at Texas A&M, which would add some time to the trip. Hence the reason we got up super early.

We first stopped on our way out of town to do a quick exploration of TCU‘s campus. I can’t remember if I mentioned it earlier, but Teenager has a goal to go to all major college football stadiums in the south (or something like that.)

Here he stands inside Amon G. Carter Stadium.
Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.25.2013 - 020

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Wild, Wild West Trip 2013::Fort Worth, TX {Day 6}

Day 6 started by us taking Teenager over to my Dad’s house. Teenager had told us that he wanted to go cycling with my Dad while we were in town.

Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.24.2013 - 01

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Quick Trip to Florida {September 2013}

SpringHillFloridaTrip2013 - 040

This past weekend we were able to take advantage of Labor Day weekend as Rob’s cousin threw a “non-funeral” birthday celebration for her Dad, Rob’s Uncle Frank. Since Teenager was marching during halftime Friday night and didn’t want to leave after halftime we elected to get up at before the Rooster’s Call and get on the road early Saturday morning.

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Wild, Wild West Trip 2013::Fort Worth, TX {Day 5}

Wednesday was a day of just hanging out and visiting. We started the day off with a trip to Denny’s for breakfast with my Granny. Then, we went back to her house and hung out for a bit. I had been waiting to hear from my Dad who we had planned to eat lunch with. We ended up picking him up from the hospital where his girlfriend was being treated for West Nile Virus. There was a Braum’s not far from there. We enjoyed ice cream, since we were still full from breakfast.

*Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.23.2013 - 03

When we got back and not long after that my Mom’s side of the family started to show up. We enjoyed an afternoon & evening of visiting and eating.

Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.23.2013

Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.23.2013

See more pics from Day 5 here.

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