Anyone there?

Haven’t heard from anyone since I redid the blog…is it working? Please let me know by commenting! 🙂

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6 Responses to Anyone there?

  1. dad says:


    Couldn’t get it to take the imput at first but kept trying and hope it works…
    Sitting around on a Saturday, working, watching movies – “Wedding Singer”, and working on the computer. All the pics look great, haven’t gotten any photos of Jusitin and girl friend yet, but will send some soon.

    Love you guys

  2. Magnolia Mom says:

    Thanks! Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing pics!

  3. Rbelle says:

    I really like the site. Your comments are SO EASY to type in and enter. Awesome!

  4. Jen says:

    I’m here. I just don’t have much to say these days:-)

  5. paigeocora says:

    Hi see ya! The site’s looking good!

  6. I am not used to blogging, but I am working on it.

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