At the Park with Cousins

I’m still playing catch up with all my pics and posts. These pics were taken while we were in Texas in December. We took a break from all the memorial service planning, cleaning out of Dad’s house, etc to let the boys play at the park with my Brother, Mel’s kids. It was a much needed break for everyone!
Mel kickin' the clouds

Really high!




Sticking your tongue out always helps you go higher


Falling through

Getting a push from Dad

HA!  And Dad falls down!


Playing with pebbles

Putting on her boots

Around...and around...and around...

Slidin' backwards

Hanging on

Monkey doin' his thing

Such a little ham

Slidin' with a smile

Milla gettin' a boost

Riding together back to GiGi's house

And if I didn’t share enough cuteness here, you can click here to see even more!

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