Blog Award #2 This Week!

Rob’s cousin, Candi, gave me a blog award, Beautiful Blogger Award. 🙂

Beautiful Blogger Award

I’m passing this award along to 3 very different bloggers:
1. The Flossip, who I’ve read for years on her previous blogs. She’s a great writer.
2. Southern Gal Goes North , who I’ve read for a couple years.
3. Vitafamiliae, who I’ve read for a little over a year. Her Dad is Rob’s boss.

When awarded you’re supposed to list 7 things about yourself. So, ummm…. let me think here….trying to think of things I’ve never said on here before.

1. Rob and I have made a commitment in 2010 to go to church and Sunday School every week.
2. We also just started a bible study; Growing Kids God Way
3. I am SO excited that 24 starts tomorrow!
4. I am trying to do a 365 day photo project over on flickr.
5. This is my 3rd year to attempt this, but I have such a hard time staying committed to it wanting to be more creative.
6. I didn’t think the “Pants on the Ground” song was so funny. We watched it on DVR a couple nights after reading and hearing all the hype and I just didn’t get it.
7. Love the satisfaction of a clean house.

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  1. Flossip says:

    Thanks so much! I will certainly pay it forward!

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