Busy, busy, busy….

Well, not really! More like lazy, lazy, lazy! It has been so HOT! We set up the little fishy pool up and the kids have been playing in there some. I got an email from my dad saying he’d be here Sunday or Monday. We had expected him to come next week and then last week when my uncle didn’t finish the race, he called and said he wouldn’t be coming. And now he said he is coming. This house is nasty! To refresh your memory, I saw my dad back in January and before that I hadn’t seen him since 2002. Back in January was his first time to come to my house, so I wanted it to be spotless! It was. I worked my tail off and I even shampooed the carpets downstairs. And this time….hmmm…I should be able to go above and beyond that, since it’s summer, but some how I don’t see that happening. So excuse me while I go get my Super Woman cape on! 😉

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