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27.365 {Dislike}

Today’s prompt at Capture Your 365 is “Dislike.” On my to do list one of the things I needed to do was Laundry, next on my list was take my 365 pic for today. Laundry was on my mind and … Continue reading

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241/365.2011 {Clorox Wipes}

These clorox wipes are awesome. See the table that hasn’t been cleaned for several days? Yep, with one easy wipe it was clean. Now if I can just get the boys to wipe down the table after every meal!

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59/365.2011 {Chore that I can’t stand}

Really hate when dishes pile up…. **This was my picture that I did for the January Scavenger Hunt (Chore I can’t stand), but didn’t finish. I never used this pic, but I thought this would be a great time to … Continue reading

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Children’s Drawer Labels {Free Printables}

I made some labels for Monkey Boy’s clothing chest of drawers. I did this with TV Boy’s drawers awhile back and decided make some new ones for MB. I’ve actually made a couple different sets both in black & white … Continue reading

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Stuff with Invisible Legs!

It seems that each year after Christmas everthing we give or get for Christmas has invisible legs. What I mean by that is that as hard as I try, there is Christmas gifts everywhere. I try to find a home … Continue reading

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Guess what we’ve been doing all weekend?

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I Am Super Woman…

*big grin* I sit here exhausted from cleaning. Here’s my list of things to do before Saturday morning. Still have stuff to do. Sheesh, I’m tired.

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Busy, busy, busy….

Well, not really! More like lazy, lazy, lazy! It has been so HOT! We set up the little fishy pool up and the kids have been playing in there some. I got an email from my dad saying he’d be … Continue reading

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