Church Retreat {2013}

Ha! I thought I posted this several weeks ago, but for some reason it was in my ‘drafts.’ Better late than never, right?

ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 488
The past 3 years Teenager has attended the Winter Retreat for the Youth at Shocco Springs. They usually have about 500 youth and about 100 adults go and he just loves it! Since he and his friends have started attending they always come back telling stories of God, spreading the word, and the football game…a boys vs girls football game; one for each grade level. It’s an amazing time and he always comes back on fire for God. Just love to see that in him.

Well, during the same time that the youth retreat is going on, at the same camp, there’s also a Church-wide retreat. This year we decided to go. We had a wonderful time. With a church of 4,000+ there’s always new faces to see and meet. That we did. Our worship leaders were:
Kory Knott of Argyle UMC so inspirational
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 531

Rob Webster of Covenantn in Dothan, AL was our music leader, also very talented and quite inspirational. He used to be at Adam Hamilton‘s church in Kansas.
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 026

We enjoyed Kory’s 5 different sermons about Jesus’s journeys. Each sermon was prefaced with a story about Kory, from the “the Kory Files” by one of our current church staff members, who used to work with him when he was at Highland Park UMC. That happens to be the church where my Dad got remarried. Here’s Lisa telling a story about Kory
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 519

Here’s some highlights from the weekend.

Dropping off teenager and one of his friends right after checking them out of school.
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 007

Here we are on our way there. We caught up to the youth buses…all 9 of them.
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 010

After getting settled in our room, we met for the weekend kickoff. We enjoyed our first sermon led by Kory. The kids were in there with us for the singing and then they got taken away to do kid stuff.
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 025

Group shot of the family church wide retreat folks.

Here’s the youth.
Winter Retreat 2013 Youth

Where we ate lunch.
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 033

After lunch on Saturday, we walked around part of the camp. We checked out the area where the youth were having their sessions.
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 036

ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 034

ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 046

ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 047

Then we walked down towards where the infamous football games would be taking place. Here’s the 7th Grade team warming up.
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 059

Here’s Teenager taking down a girl during the Freshman football game.
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 270

ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 393

Boys play on their knees. Boys have 8 on the field vs. 14 girls on the field.
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 358

After the football we enjoyed some hoops and then went back and visited.
ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 4321

ChurchFamilyRetreat2013 511

More pics:
Family Retreat
Youth Football Game

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