Children’s Drawer Labels {Free Printables}

Children's Drawer Labels {Free Printables}


I made some labels for Monkey Boy’s clothing chest of drawers. I did this with TV Boy’s drawers awhile back and decided make some new ones for MB. I’ve actually made a couple different sets both in black & white and color. I printed out the labels, cut them out, and used packing tape over the entire label to secure them and make sure they don’t get torn with everyday use. I used the template Avery 5376 (Business Cards) in Word with borders. You could even use the actual business cards that come ready perforated to save some time.

The first set I made was for Monkey Boy who will be learning to read. He needs a font that is very clear so he can easily read the letters.

I did some with a little fancier, cuter fonts for the older kids. All come in a black & white, which you could print on colored paper as you see in my examples.


All downloads are in PDF format. If you would like the word .doc file just let me know and I’ll be glad to email those to you.

BW version                                      BW version

BW version                                      BW version

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