Crib Issues

Well, after I wrote this post things got a little better. Monkey Boy was at least staying in bed until 5 am, but nap time was torture. In the crib, screaming, throwing royal fit, crawl out of the crib, come down stairs, “Hi, Mamma”, truck back up the stairs, put him BACK in the crib, and repeat! Well, Mr. Mag and I talked about bed options and the fact he might get hurt climbing out of his bed, etc. So Sunday afternoon, I put his discount mattress Knoxville TN on the floor (just a temporary change). He looked at me with a strange look, but then smiled really big. I thought, “Oh, no! He sees how much easier this will be now!” I laid him down, covered him up, gave him his “baby” and closed the door. An hour or so later I peaked in on him and he hadn’t moved an inch. Cute as can be, laying with his baby. Did I get a picture? No, but I’m going to soon, because he now goes to bed like a champ (at least for now.)

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  1. Karla says:

    So cute! I bet he likes it because he feels like he’s in a big boy bed.

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