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A New Flickr Toy!

Make one of these! How fun.

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This past week…

Well, I made it through the first week with kids. So far I’ve been really strict and have already been in contact with parents! I’ve already send notes home for behavior and work. But like my principal says you can … Continue reading

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50 Questions

1. Your name spelled backwards: natsrl (not going to use my real name) 2. Where were your parents born? Fort Worth, TX 3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? iTunes html thingy 4. What’s your favorite … Continue reading

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I was going to post some stuff, but my ear is killing me again! It was feeling better until I put the drops in today:( I’m going to bed!

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Playing in the Clothes Hamper

Here’s T playing in the clothes hamper. He was rolling around in it and it was so funny!

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Meet the Teacher

Meet the teacher went well. 50% of my class came. Decent turnout, I guess. I’m trying to have a super positive attitude about this class even though I continue to hear not so positive things about them. I may need … Continue reading

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