Monthly Archives: September 2007

today after coming back from a bike ride to a new friend’s house…

9 year old: Mom, I’m getting more popular since I’m hanging out with Parker. Gosh I remember when he didn’t know what popular meant.

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Quote of the night from the 9 year old…

“I think I’m growing hair in my armpits (big grin)!”

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Choosing Sides…

I saw this over on Zoot’s home. Looked fun to me! Coke or Pepsi? Coke In terms of french fries: McDonald’s or Burger King? McDonald’s In terms of sandwiches: McDonald’s or Burger King?McDonald’s Movie Theater or DVD Rental? DVD Rental … Continue reading

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Food meme

I saw this fun thing on Lisanne’s blog and thought since I haven’t had a lot to say lately, I’d join in on the fun! 1. How do you like your eggs? I like them scrambled, but I really like … Continue reading

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