Friday Forum (a day early)

1] Summer technically ends on September 22 (the autumnal equinox).
But when do *you* consider summer “over”? Is it when the kids go back
to school? When Labor Day arrives? When it’s September? When your
summer vacation ends? When your weather starts turning cooler?

Well, summer relaxation and enjoyment ends when I go back to work which is now early August:( Before I started working, it was when football season started and the weather started getting cooler. The nice part about starting early August is that by Labor day I’m ready for a holiday!!

2] Have you enjoyed Summer 2005? Why/why not? Is there anything that
you would have liked to do but didn’t? What was a highlight of your

Summer 2005 has been pretty good, I guess. I always dread May because so many people have passed away in that month and always “itchy” about it! May also brings memories of my grandfather passing away and the very next year my cousin dying with in days of when my Granddad did. Anyway…my summer was highlighted by a good long trip to Texas. We usually race there and back. This time we took more time, although we still raced from town to town, but we were away from home longer. This summer was good because I got to see T walk and that was very exciting!

3] Do you have any plans for Labor Day weekend? What about your
September calendar … what do you have going on this month?
My Labor day weekend will be the first Auburn Football game here in town. Although I’m not going I’ll still join the festivities and the Wreck Tech parade tomorrow! We’re cooking out Saturday before the game and watching football. The game’s on TV so I’ll watch it. As for the rest of the weekend, I need to clean tomorrow, because we’re having company and then I hope to sit back and enjoy after that!

September calendar…
September 5th (Monday) – my mom’s 50th birthday
September 28th (Wednesday) – my dad’s 54th birthday
September 30th (Friday) – my 30th birthday (EEEEEK!!)
My parents and I have birthday in September as you can see! Although my mom is in Texas and my dad is in Colorado, I’ll still be thinking of them:-)
The rest of the calendar will consist of football every Saturday. Mr. A will be starting Soccer and baseball, so we’ll be very busy with those!

4] If you could make summer last forever (in other words, it would be
the only season you’d experience for the rest of your life), would
you do it? Why/why not?

No, I love the other seasons too much to do that!

5] What do you like most about fall? What are your favorite autumn
foods and treats?

I absolutely love fall. I love decorating and making Fall crafts. I love wearing my Halloween socks and T-shirts. I love to give fall gifts to my class and my coworkers. I love candy corn. I love reading Woman’s Day, Family Fun, and Family Circle and getting cute ideas from those. I love the cooler weather when it finally decides to show up, but it seems it goes from Hot to Pretty Cold so quickly.

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