Friday Forum – Halloween

1] Are you into being scared? [For example, seeing a horror movie, reading a gory novel, visiting a haunted house …] Why or why not? What’s the scariest movie that you’ve ever seen?
I don’t enjoy being scared anymore. I used to watch scary movies, but I’ve never been one to really enjoy it. I used to go to haunted houses only because my friends wanted to.

The scariest movie…Silence of the Lambs

2] Do you get excited about Halloween costume parties, or do you prefer not to dress up? Why/why not? When’s the last time that you dressed in costume for Halloween? Do you plan to be anything this year?

I don’t dress up, but I get excited for my kids. The last time I dressed up was in college. I’m just going to be a mom this year.

3] Are you carving or decorating a pumpkin for Halloween? If so, how? What do you plan to do with the pumpkin afterward?
We ran out of time this year and probably won’t carve a pumpkin. My class is painting pumpkins today though!

4] Did you do much decorating for autumn this year? Why/why not? What all did you do?
I usually decorate with my little knick-knacks around the house, but I’ve been busy and didn’t put the time into finding the stuff this year. I can never remember where I store my fall stuff.

5] What is your favorite Halloween candy or treat?
I love candy corns, not only the way they taste, but the way they look.

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