Halloween Costumes Through the Years

For Kelly’s Show Us Your Life entry, I’m posting my kids’ pictures. I would at some point like to go through all my old pics and see if I can find pictures from my childhood Halloweens and scan them in. Maybe I’ll have that done by next Halloween… This year we decided to get a set of gold grillz for our costumes. I found the best gold grillz online here.

Halloween 2009

2008 – Didn’t get pictures! Monkey Boy was a giraffe again (I think) and TV Boy decided he was too old!

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2006

Halloween 2005

Monkey Boy's 1st Halloween {lil' Pumpkin}

TV Boy and his BFF on Halloween {Scream & Dracula}

TV Boy on Halloween {Power Ranger}

TV Boy on Halloween {batman}

Halloween 2001

School-made costume
TV Boy on Halloween {lil' bug}

TV Boy on Halloween {bear}

School-made costume
School-made Pumpkin!

1999 – I’m not sure what happened this year. I can’t find pictures and I’m thinking I don’t have any. I think this might have been the year Rob and I were in the mountains while TV Boy hung out with his great grandparents.

TV Boy's first Halloween {cow}

Sorry for the lack of quality of several of these pics. The older ones are either scanned in or taken with my Sony Mavica disk digital camera. LOL!

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