How Stupid Can I Be!!

I went to my first rehab appointment. Afterwards, I went to make my next appt. and they asked if I had met my deductible this year. Uh–no! So she’s like ok so you owe $100 and then 20% from here on out. Uh-no! THE END OF THE YEAR IS SATURDAY!!!!! So I’ll have to fricken pay $100 AGAIN next week when I go! AAAAAAAACK! I’m so peeved right now. Yes, I have money to throw away! Yep…that’s me! I’ll tell you about my appointment after I calm down. 😈

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2 Responses to How Stupid Can I Be!!

  1. Lauren says:

    oh that stinks!…i woudl be so fustrated too!

  2. Rachael says:

    DANG! Now that is harsh. I would be totally pissed off. Lucky for us at the Grotegut household, we have double coverage insurance so nothing out of pocket. I will sure miss it when I quit my job in ’07!

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