I AM in here!

I’m still fighting sickness, but I think it’s got me now. Last night I was feeling NOT good! My voice was vanishing and this morning, NOTHING! Just a very soft whisper! Lots of gunk in my throat! I decided that if I could make it through the day I would take a day tomorrow to go to the doctor. But teaching without a voice…I did it last year, which was not that big a deal. I put a list of work up and pointed to it and they got busy. THIS CLASS….I TRIED that…puh! Yah right!! “What do we do?” “Do we do the whole thing?” “What do we do on this?” I’m thinking READ THE BOARD!! READ THE DIRECTIONS ON THE PAGE!! SHeesh!!!! Frustrating! Today took so much out of me! Forcing a voice that I didn’t have killed me. The one thing that I could say real good was SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So I decided that if I lose my voice again with this class, I’ll have to take the day or something! And ever since I started teaching it seems that my voice always seems to go.

So when I called today to make an appointment, they said we have openings next week. I’m like whaterever, I’ll go to the urgent care clinic. I can’t wait over the weekend people!

Sheesh! I just love when doctors offices say that!

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