Lake Martin for Memorial Day {2013}

Our friends invited us back out to the lake for Memorial Day. This is the first year we’ve actually got to camp and stay long than a day.

MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 001

View from the lake
MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 017

2 lil’ guys hanging out
MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 018

The 2 big guys hanging out
MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 035

MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 036

Our wonderful friends and hosts…showin’ the love!
MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 025

Cookin’ dinner
MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 045

The next day…
MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 053

Gettin’ Melly wet
MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 057

MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 061

MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 078

The waiting paid off
MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 086

A lil’ bat ball before dinner and packing up
MemorialDay2013LakeMartin - 108

It’s great to have friends like the F@rrows. We love yall!

Pic overload here.

Other times we’ve been out to the lake with the F@rrows:
2009 & 2011

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