Last Call!!!

I recently sent out an email to many of the people who have joined my site as “Members,” because I would like to know who my true readers are. If you are a member and would like to stay that way (hence not be deleted), please comment or email. If I don’t hear from you soon…POOF…you’ll be gone. If you aren’t a member, feel free to join and it would be great if you could include your blog URL and/or an email with a short bio so I know who you are.


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4 Responses to Last Call!!!

  1. Rb says:

    I read and am a member, but I didn’t get an email…

  2. me too!!! I am a regular reader, but did not get an email..I hope I am not poofed.

  3. ELLE says:

    I like your blog!!!!!!!

  4. Kay says:

    Hey Lysha! Not sure if I show up as a member or not – I didn’t get an email. But, I do check up on you.

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