Lots going on lately…

Ok, so for those of you interested, I did finish that list Friday night. We went out of town Saturday and Sunday. We had a really good time at Mr. Paul’s house. Paul and Vicki are always such great hosts. We swam and rode 4 wheelers and the kids road in the tractor!

Fragile Goods

Sunday we got home and unpacked, washed clothes, and started to pull out the big suite cases for our big trip to Texas. My dad got into town Monday afternoon and we really enjoyed visiting with him. We talked a lot about his experience during RAAM and then after my Uncle had to drop out he continued to follow the race all the way to the finish line in his own car and he brought his bikes and did some riding himself. He spent time teaching TV Boy how to ride his bike and they seemed to make a lot of progress. My dad left this afternoon and was heading to Texas also, but he’ll be gone before we get to Fort Worth.

We’re heading to Texas in the morning, very early. So tonight we have to finish packing, pay bills, and do all the other stuff you have to do before being gone for quite awhile. Sunday, we’ll be checking into our hotel, which has wireless, so I’ll be able to update there.

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  1. denise says:

    Have fun in Texas!

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