Music Memories

I love music. I always have. I remember getting my first tape in 2nd grade, which was Michael Jackson. Eesh! Anyway, so now when I listen to music each song brings back a particular memory…
I Don’t Wanna Dance by Eddie Grant – driving back from the beach with my dad when I was really young
Forever Young by Abba – I was a junior and my friend, Missy, was the valedictorian for her senior class. She gave an awesome speech and towards the end of the speech they played Forever Young. That was their class song.
Nobody Knows by Tony Rich Project – My last year at Texas Tech after I had met Mr. Mag, I sang this song to myself every night. I missed him so badly.
Angel by Shaggy – Mr. Mag and I went on our first cruise and the Caribbean band on the ship played this several times.
Sandstorm by Darude – They played this during batting practice when we went to see Auburn play Clemson in South Carolina. It quickly became a favorite!
With or Without You by U2 – When my Mom was struggling to decide what to do about her relationship with my Step Dad.
Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson – My Senior year of high school, my dance team did an AWESOME routine to this song. I still get goose bumps just thinking about it. I burst in tears everytime I hear this song. Our outfits for this dance were awesome too. I’ll scan a picture of it and post it later!
It’s My Life by Dr. Alban – My sophmore year, we did a dance to this song. I was quite hurt because I didn’t make this routine. We had to try out or audition for each routine. But I still love this song!
My Perogative by Bobby Brown – In 7th grade, I had a best friend named Jennifer. We were inseperable. We used to walk to each other house all the time. We walked home together from junior high each day. We were in band together. Anyway, if we weren’t together and we heard this song on the radio, we’d call each other so that we could listen to it. We LOVED this song!

Of course, there’s countless songs that remind me of old boyfriends. I won’t go into those. 😉

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