My 1st Day Off

Today was my first day off for Christmas. You wanna hear what I did?

Took the Christmas letter to Speedy Print to be ran off.
Spent 4 hours cleaning my house!!!
Went to eat lunch with Mr. Mag
Ran some other errands with Mr. Mag (got wrapping paper, got envelopes for letters, got a gift card for someone)
Went to Scrapbook store and got some rubber stamps
Came home and cut pictures apart
Printed labels
Folded Letters
Figured out who was getting which pictures
Addressed envelopes
Licked 30 something envelopes
Ran to the store to get larger envelopes for the 8×10 pics
My dad called and I talked to him for a few minutes
Dropped stuff off at the United Way drop box
Went and picked up the kids
Went and picked up Mr. Mag
Now I’m in pain from head to toe! I’ve been going non-stop since 8:00 am this morning! I’m so tired now. Notice that I did not get to mail the letters and pictures yet! I still have to go get stamps and mail them. I’ll do that later tonight. I have a long list for tomorrow though…

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