My Childhood Memories

Yes, I should have my tail in the bed condering how tired I am, but I’m once again being a night owl and trying to get some stuff done! (I’ve also going through internet withdrawal since we didn’t have wireless the whole time we were gone!) Someone actually tagged me to do something! I can’t believe it! Wow! I’m so exicted!

So anyway…5 favorite childhood memories….hmmmmm….

1. Riding my bike to my friends homes was one of my favorite things to do. I enjoyed the cool breeze as it went across my face and the small but significant feeling of having some freedom.

2. I loved to swing in my front yard. I would bring my little radio outside with me and sing all my troubles away!

3. I have countless memories of times spent with my grandfather, who raised me. He was such a great man. I miss him dearly!

4. Christmas time

5. Time spent with all my friends, some of which I still keep in contact and even those that I don’t!

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