My Physical Therapy Appointment

I know you’re just dying to know how my PT appointment went yesterday! 😀 I went to a new PT today. Her name is Jill. I used to go to a place called Total Rehab, where they put through a series of exercises, traction, and deep tissue work. Jill said that she uses a different method to try and fix the pain. She went through and felt each disc in my neck and moved my head around to see where there are issues. Then, she said she would move each disc where there were problems and retrain them to move like they’re supposed to. We hope! So she did that and then she did an ultrasound on my next. Not to look at anything like you’d think, but rather to get heat into the muscles that a heating bad wouldn’t do. I go back next Wednesday.

Last night, I was in a lot of pain from all the manipulation, I guess. I didn’t sleep well at all and so I’m pretty tired today. My neck doesn’t hurt as bad as last night, but it doesn’t feel great either!

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