Newton’s Fruit Thins

Newtons Fruit Thins {Taste Test Item}

My most recent taste test item was the Newton’s Fruit Thins. They sent me the Fig & Honey flavored cookies. They have a really good taste, nothing overwhelming. These thin cookies had a nice smooth texture, not grainy like I had expected, with the perfect hint of honey and tiny chunks of fig. Although, I”m not a fan of fig newtons, I really enjoyed these!

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Newtons Fruit Thins {Taste Test Item}

Nutrition Info for Newtons Fruit Thins

Newtons Fruit Thins {Taste Test Item}

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received Newton’s Fruit Thins to create this post.

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2 Responses to Newton’s Fruit Thins

  1. Julia says:

    They were giving out samples of these at Kroger last week. I was not a big fan of them.

  2. Magnolia Mom says:

    Thanks for commenting! I can see they are not something everyone would like, for sure. I ate them at work for a snack when I was starving! Curious about the bizarre combination of Raspberry Chocolate.

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