Pine Mountain Day Hike

A few weeks ago, actually it was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we got up and decided to go over to Pine Mountain for a day hike. We packed up Teenager’s backpacking backpack with water, stuff for lunch, sun screen, and other necessities. We hopped in the car and headed to FDR State Park Office to get a map and go to the restroom one last time before venturing out on our day hike.

HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 01

HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 04

We decided to try the 6.7 mile Wolfden loop. This is a favorite for many people because there are several Falls, which are always pretty and a great places to stop and cool off.
This does a nice job of talking about Pine Mountain trail and the Wolfden Loop.

There was a pretty decent section at the beginning of our hike that was wiped out during the April 2011 tornado that went through. I’m not sure I captured how different this part of the trail looked, but all the trees were knocked down and a lot of work had to be done to even be able to walk that part of the trail. It was quite hot, not having the canopy of trees overhead. All the vegetation in that area was dry and the landscape reminded me of Texas.

HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 07

Here Monkey looks at the mound of dirt held together by the roots of a huge pine tree was uprooted during the tornado.

HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 09

Csonka Falls
HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 14

Studying the map
HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 18

Cascade Falls
HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 40

Cooking lunch
HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 42

HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 70

At Cascade Falls, you look over and see massive boulders with the “Wolfden” hiding just underneath.
HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 61

HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 58

After cooking and eating lunch we filled up our water bottles and decided to trek back and not finish off the loop.
HikingInPineMountain,GA.May26,2012 - 80

Lunch was quickly used for energy on our hike back to the car, so we were a bit hungry. We decided to head over to Warm Springs, GA for a snack. We ended up at Warm Springs Bed and Breakfast.

WarmSprings,GA.May26,2012 - 23

WarmSprings,GA.May26,2012 - 20

The fudge looked so yummy!
WarmSprings,GA.May26,2012 - 11

But we opted for ice cream to cool us off.
WarmSprings,GA.May26,2012 - 18

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