Project 366 Rewind {Week 4}

Naptime Momtog

As I said on my post for the Scavenger Hunt, I told you that I’m struggling. What I didn’t mention was that in this new year, I can’t get into groove for anything! I absolutely despise that. So this week you can see I didn’t get many pictures. And this week I’m not doing any better so far. 🙁 Maybe I just need to not worry with this project this year…

22. Lego House: This is the 2nd Lego House that Monkey has made. This set makes 3 different houses. Pretty cool.
Lego House

23. Shining Through: Trying to be positive
Shining Through

24. My Work Area: the front part of my desk

27. Love Saving Money: $110 worth of food for $40 (couponing + sales)
$110 worth of food for $40

28. Backyard Fun: The boys occupied themselves Saturday by building a ladder on the tree; nailing wooden planks to the tree.
monkeyinthetree teenageronthetree
*Goes with this weeks theme: Close

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  1. Kristal says:

    We have that house set. The boys wish it made all three at the same time.

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