Race Across America {2009}

Some of you may know that one my uncles, Uncle Guy, and my Dad have been involved in Race Across America in one capacity or another for several years. This year they are both officials in the race. They’re working separately. For those of you who don’t know, RAAM is a 3,000 mile race that’s completed in about 12 days. It starts in Oceanside, CA and ends in Annapolis, MD. Here’s a route map:

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That means that my Dad will be traveling that entire way making sure that the racers aren’t cheating. The race actually started Sunday. My Dad will be twittering and posting pics here: http://twitter.com/kentwells. Here’s some pics he just twittered:

Paul Danhaus, 60+ on Twitpic
Paul Danhaus, 60+
373, Richard Newey & Crew, #RAAM, after their inspection, Hi ... on Twitpic
Richard Newey & Crew, after their inspection

#RAAM, I meet/photographed Christopher Gottwald #373. Very ni... on Twitpic
Christopher Gottwald #373

Of course what he is twittering will be delayed for obvious reasons. My Dad wants to ensure that no racer uses that to their advantage. Please keep my Dad in your prayers these next few weeks that he has a safe journey across America.

Here’s some misc links incase anyone is interested:
Video Field Reports
Daily Wrap Up
Official RAAM twitter
RAAM on Facebook

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