See my red hair turn gray

I’m scared to look at my hair closely, because I think my kids are driving me towards a head FULL of gray hair! Monkey Boy has been climbing out of his carseat. He pulls the clasp down and works his way out of the straps. Then, he stands up and makes the back seat his romper room. All the while, I’m screaming at him to sit down as I watch in terror in the rear view mirror. I pull over and restrap him, pulling the clasp up to his chin hoping that he’s not able to get it pulled back down. This is all after the first time this happened and I switched car seats.

TV Boy has had a ton of homework lately. It math every night, which he seems to be struggling with just a bit. He gets real frustrated with me. I guess after helping kids all day long my patience is shortened and coming home to help him is galling.

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2 Responses to See my red hair turn gray

  1. R*belle says:

    Beaux and Monkey boy are NOT allowed to ride in the car together or we would be in serious trouble.

    As for the homework, blech. I do NOT look forward to that.

  2. Mrs. Flinger says:

    OMG. YES. I just noticed yesterday how iI need to start coloring. :: sniff sniff ::

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