Sew What!

I started trying to sew or teach myself how to sew after getting pregnant with Monkey Boy. I wanted to make bags and purses, pillows, and some (what I thought was) easy stuff. I borrowed my mother-in-laws sewing machine to see if I’d even like sewing. Her machine is old, but still works well. During that time I made a couple bags and one pillow. I got fed up with it, because I found myself feeling stressed out about getting my project done. It was no longer relaxing and fun. I got frustrated with never having the right tension and it messing up. I’d brake off the needle. It was just so aggravating. So I put it rest.

Lately I’ve had an itchy feeling to give it a shot again. I pulled the sewing machine out today. After remembering how to thread the machine and load the bobbit thingy (what ever it’s called), I started to sew. I finished a bag that I got mad at before, so that was good. I also made a pillow cover. I still need to get some velcro to finish the bottom. While doing those I managed to brake a needle, not go in a straight line, have to redo several stitches, and once again get very frustrated! So…maybe sewing and I aren’t meant to be. What do ya think? Maybe I could try knitting or soap making.


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  1. JL Dropout says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to learn to sew. I would love to be able to make curtains and outfits for Beaux and BElla… I want to learn how to smock as well…. oh well!

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