Silence is not alway Golden

When you have a toddler and you notice that it has been too quiet for too long, you think to yourself, “I better go see what they’re into!” Well, it just occurred. Again! Monkey Boy loves to mess with stuff at my desk and on his big brother’s desk. But do we learn? Noooooo. So what did I find him doing this morning? Playing with a permanent marker. ACKKKK!! Note to self: KEEP PERMANENT MARKERS/PAINT MARKERS AND ANY OF THE LIKE PUT AWAY!!!!!!! Not only did he color all over himself, he colored my desk. For future reference, exfoliating soap gets permanent marker off desk, or at least it did for me. 🙂

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2 Responses to Silence is not alway Golden

  1. R*belle says:

    Oh dear, I need to write that down in my “Things that will most certainly happen to me” journal!

  2. Josh says:

    Oh No!

    My daughter’s too young for that so far. But not for long. I dread the day!

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