So sick………

It all started Tuesday night when I went to get TV Boy from after school. We were on the way to the car and he threw up. He ended being sick all night. Mr. Mag stayed home with him yesterday. Last night my stomach started to hurt real bad. I went to bed hoping it would feel better in the morning. I ended up getting sick around 10. I was up all night. I became one with the toilet practically. I haven’t been so sick like that in so long. So awful and violent. Monkey Boy woke up in the middle of the night and was sick. I finally quit throwing up at 4 am. I called in sick and then slept till noon. Mr. Mag stayed home to take care of us. TV Boy hasn’t thrown up all day, but still hasn’t eaten anything significant so he’ll be staying home again tomorrow. I’m still running a fever and feel extremely weak. I probably won’t be able to go to work tomorrow either. I’m hoping MB will be better soon and that Mr. Mag doesn’t get sick.

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3 Responses to So sick………

  1. So sorry your family is sick! Feel better soon! Make sure that doesn’t creep it’s way into my part of Alabama!!!

  2. by the way…any updates on your house-hunting? Didn’t you guys get an offer? Hope all that’s going smoothly for ya!

  3. Lisa Mills says:

    THat sounds terrible. So sorry you guys are sick. There’s absolutely nothing worse than an intestinal virus, the way it goes through one after another in a family. Hope you feel better soon.

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