Tears fall from my cheeks as I write this…

Wow! Never would I have thought that the New Orleans hurricane would effect us so close to home. There are several churches in our area who have become shelters for people fleeing Katrina. The people as we contniue to hear on the news have no where to go and might as well start over. So my school now has many familes bringing their children to register so they can get them back into school, so they can find jobs, etc. I don’t have any of these students, but the more they flow in, the more likely I will have some. I’m not sure why I’m finding this so unbelievable…well yah I do! I can’t imagine having a home and having to leave it, to go some where you’ve NEVER been and don’t know much about. Then to find out you have nothing to go back to so you better just start over in this new place. I can’t imagine that and if I do get some of these students, I’ll want to give them so much more than I should and that will be hard. But to be fair, I can give them compassion and understanding, a book bag and supplies, love and an education!

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