So Christmas was good. Lots of family, fun, and food! And just so I can look back and remember, here’s what I got:

  • A fondue set with some chocolate chips so I can use it soon!
  • Nice warm house shoes from Old Navy
  • New robe and PJ’s
  • Some wall hangings, I’ll take pictures soon!
  • A hoodie from Old Navy.
  • Some cute jewelry from the 10 year old.
  • I got one of my pictures printed, matted, and framed, which I’m very proud of.
  • A new camera strap with a cushy, soft neck so it doesn’t irritate my neck and look how cute it is!
  • One of my fav presents!
    My Funky Camera

  • A bracket for when I get an external flash for my camera:

  • A movie; Home Sweet Alabama
  • Some books:

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