This was funny….

Although, you may have just had to have been here for this one.

Since it’s summer, the kids stay in the house most of the day. I have to force TV Boy to go outside. Monkey Boy could stay out there all the time, but he’s not fond of being out there alone. Well, today I told TV Boy, he better go outside and burn some energy. We did our usual back and forth, but he finally did it. The thing is is that for some reason, beyond me, he wouldn’t put his shoes on. I even knocked on the window from my bedroom and reminded him again. MB came in there with me, looked out the window, and saw TV Boy on the swing. He said, “OOO! TV Boy outside! Swingin’! No sues (shoes) on!” I just cracked up. I’ve always thought MB takes after me in that he is very observant and this just prooves my point.

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  1. jennster says:

    lock him outdoors. toss food at him now and then. ,lol

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