Upsetting news…

I’m really sad, because I got a phone call today from an coworker from my last job. My very good friend there passed away suddenly last night. Her name was Ms. Lewis and she was just precious. She’s one of those people that you couldn’t tell her age, but she was beautiful. She’s probably in her upper 50’s, but didn’t look it at all!

My impressions of her were snobby and narrow-minded, but after moving to 2nd grade I got to know her well. My first impressions while teaching 6th grade were proven wrong. We became really good friends and almost inseperable. We’ve kept in touch somewhat since I got my job closer to home, but what’s weird is that yesterday on my way home something kept telling me to call her. Unfortunately, I never did follow my gut feeling. I got wrapped up in what I “needed” to do 🙁 So I’m upset with myself about that tonight.

So this weekend, call an old friend, cause you never know!

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  1. Rbelle says:

    Hey there!! I like your new blog, thanks for sending me the link. I am so sorry to hear about your friend though.

  2. That is horrible about your friend. She is in a better place now. Kind of scary.

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