Wal-Mart Encounter

The other day I was at Wal-Mart and just as I was coming up to the conveyer belt to start unloading my stuff, this guy runs up and gives me this little grin. The grin told me that he was about to ask a favor. I mean why else would this young, college-aged, male be grinning at me. And I was right, he asked me to go in front of me since I had a cart full and he was holding a 24 case of Keystone and 2 bottles of wine. I told him to jump in.

Then, he said hey I’ll even help you unload your cart, so he starts rummaging through my cart full of stuff and procedes to tell me how I should always pull the heavy stuff out first so when you load it back all the heavy stuff is on bottom. All the while, I’m just thanking myself for not needing to buy tampons or something. So we ended up standing there talking for 20 minutes because the people that had been attempting to pay and finish their transaction were doing who knows what. 4 or 5 Wal-Mart “managers” came to “resolve” the situation, but none of them knew what they were doing so it took forever. Mind you, when I walked up to the line they were paying so I thought for sure they’d be on their way out momentarily. Such was not the case! So this guy asks me how my day has been and I told him it had actually gone pretty well. Then, he tells me how he is having to miss the first few days of classes because his old school didn’t send his transcripts and blah-blah-blah and how hectic his life had been that day. Knowing that he didn’t have class tomorrow, he was going to go spend time with his ‘lady friend’ who was too young to purchase these items. That is why he wanted to cut in front of me, because she was in a shorter line and was already outside in the 100+ degree weather waiting for him. He was a super friendly, super talkative guy, which made that day a little more interesting and I can thank wonderful Wal-Mart for having incompetent personel and for giving us 20+ minutes to talk.

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