Wee Bit Wednesday

This week since there was not a set of new questions, I went down to her very first set of questions and decided to answer those. 🙂

{1} what is your all time favorite dessert?
Chocolate turtle ice cream

{2} how many siblings do you have?Gulfport Trip for Soccer Tourney

Gratts  - 019

Gratts  - 109

{3} have you had your heart broken?
Hasn’t everyone?

{4} did you play any sports in high school?
In high school, I didn’t play sports, but I was equally active in that I played/marched in the band and was also on the dance/kick line. Pure awesomeness!

{5} can you post a photo from your prom?
Here’s a pic of me (in the middle) with 2 great girls that were in my dance team. We still keep on Facebook.
The Night of our Lives...

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  1. Kent says:

    Wow, THANKS for this photo, I haven’t seen the two of you together in . . . I cannot remember, over a decade??? Lots of emotions from this proud dad

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