Why do I blog?

I’ve been asked by people who don’t blog, don’t read blogs, etc…Why do I blog? Well, I started out bloggin’ to keep track of things going on in my life, kind of like a journal. Than, I just got where I write about things bothering me or crazy things I see or hear. I like to plug good links and good blogs. I use it now kind of for a free for all!

I also love reading blogs! I’m so addicted to it! LOL! I don’t know why except that I feel like they’re my ‘friends’. People I can care about and it’s amazing how I’ll be somewhere and think, “oh so & so would like that”! I do that quite often. It’s funny!

So for anyone who does read my blog or blogs themselves…there’s my answer:-) Now i need to get my non-bloggin’ friends to read this!

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4 Responses to Why do I blog?

  1. Rbelle says:

    I think it is a great outlet and far more entertaining than television lately!

  2. Lisanne says:

    I *love* blogging and wish that I’d found out about it sooner. Do you know anyone in real life who you *wish* had a blog? I think that everyone should, LOL! 🙂 We all have stories to tell. I’ve made SO many great online friendships.

  3. Magnolia Mom says:

    Yah, I wish some of my old friends from high school blogged, like Katie! (in case she reads this) My sister, my mom…and probably more! I just enjoy knowing whats going on with people. Since I’m far from them it would be really nice!

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