8 Things on My Cooking Wishlist

8 Things on My Cooking Wishlist

Immersion Hand Blender – I would find an immersion blender useful when making mash potatoes, getting a little blend action in a soup, when making dips such as Hummus, and smoothies.

Fruit Infusion Pitcher – Add fruit to your water is a great way to add a little flavor. I love the idea of this picture, where the fruit isn’t loose in the water, where you may end up pouring seeds in your glass. No one wants to swallow seeds!

Trifle Bowl – I’ve been anxious to make a trifle, but I don’t have one of these bowls to make a beautiful trifle. I know I can make mini-trifles in a smaller glasses, but that’s not practical for bringing a trifle to a party.

Programmable Slow Cooker – I got my crockpot the Christmas before Rob and I got married and that’s been over 17 years. My crockpot now gets so hot on the outside that I can’t touch it or let anything touch it. I would like to be able to program it, too.

Apple Slicer – It’s fall and I’m making tons of apple recipes. It would be so much easier to cut apples in one fell swoop instead of 8 or 9 slices.

Nonstick Cooling Grid – Anyone who bakes cookies needs one of these and I don’t have one.

6-Cavity Mini Fancy Bundt Cake Mold – Little bunt cakes are so cute. I’ve recently found some lovely bunt cake recipes that I’m just dying to try. Check out my Bundt Cake Recipe Pinterest board here.

Chef’s Knife – Everyone needs a good sharp knife. I don’t have one. I’m embarrassed to say I use a steak knife to cut everything.

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3 Responses to 8 Things on My Cooking Wishlist

  1. I’m dying for an immersion hand blender! I just can’t justify yet another kitchen gadget in our tiny 1930s kitchen…

  2. The only thing I have on this list is the fruit infusion pitcher. It’s pretty fun to use but some of the smaller seeds still make it in 🙁
    Next on my list is the knife- cuz you’re right- it’s embarrassing that I don’t own one haha

  3. Julie S. says:

    I’m not much of a cook, but the apple slicer is a great tool. I cut up apples on a daily basis anyway so it has been super helpful to have 🙂

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