Cook Korean! {a review}

When I came across the book Cook Korean!: A Comic Book with Recipes I was intrigued to see how someone turned a cookbook into a comic book. This cookbook by Robin Ha is amazing. From the Prologue to the Acknowledgments this book is packed full of colorful and entertaining comics. Examining the Table of Contents, the book starts off with an Introduction chapter, which a must have for anyone new to Korean cooking. Robin includes Key Korean Cooking Ingredients, What’s in a Korean Fridge and Pantry, Korean Meal Guide, and lots more. The following chapters are as follows:
Chapter 1: Kimchi and Pickles – p. 22
Chapter 2: Vegetable Side Dishes – p. 38
Chapter 3: Meat and Poultry – p. 54
Chapter 4: Seafood – p. 72
Chapter 5: Soups and Stews – p. 86
Chapter 6: Porridges – p. 104
Chapter 7: Noodles and Rice Cakes – p. 114
Chapter 8: Snacks and Street Food – p. 130
Chapter 9: Cocktails and Anju – p. 146
Chapter 10: Korean Fusion – p. 160

While I’ve only eaten Korea a couple times and I’ve never ventured to cook it, this book has me motivated to give it a try. The Korean Barbeque on p. 55-56 as well as the Spicy Pork p. 64-65 look like 2 recipes my family would love. Anyone interested in a new twist on a cookbook should check this book out. It’s awesome!

I am thankful for Blogging for Books who sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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