Cookie Love {a review}

Cookie Love by Mindy Segal is a book after my own heart. I am a cookie lover so this book is totally written just for me (and all the cookie lovers out there.) This book has over 60 recipes that will have your mouth watering as well as techniques to take your cookies to the next level! There are pictures for about a third of the recipes. The Chocolate Pretzel Shortbread with Milk Chocolate Caramel on p. 93 look absolutely deletable and I need them now. I love that she included a recipe for dog biscuits on p. 173. There are so many heavenly recipes in this book that I’m dying to try.

I really found the “My Cookie Pantry” chapter near the end of the book quite useful. I appreciated how she explained some of the differences in cookie ingredients. Another chapter that I needed to read was “Tools of the Trade,” where Mindy explains many of the baking gadgets that I thought I really didn’t need. I have learned from this chapter that a dough docker and an immersion blender could prove quite useful in my kitchen. I think this book could be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys making cookies.

I am thankful for Blogging for Books who sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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