Haven’t Jumped Ship…

Alabama Women Bloggers

Hey y’all! I feel like I’ve totally neglected my lil’ ole blog over here. Truth be told life has had me running wild and I also recently became a contributor for Alabama Women Bloggers. My first post is up today. You can read it here. I’m helping with this blog in various ways, but one of the main things is writing the Tech Tuesday post each week. If any of you have ideas of things I could write about, I would LOVE suggestions! I’m working on a series of blog posts about blog pet peeves. If you have any pet peeves, you have when visiting other blogs, please share! I would like to write 5 posts. Right now, I have 2 solid posts completed and still throwing around ideas for the other 3.

I’ve got lots to get y’all caught up on here and I hope to do that soon. Thanks for baring with me.

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