Inspirational Bingo

Are you living the good life?

We’ve recently seen an insane number of inspirational articles hit the internet. Thought Catalog has inspired so many writers to begin crafting lists that help the downtrodden finally take control of their lives and start to appreciate the lives they’re living. There’s a plethora of articles out there that help women find empowerment and assert their independence, but instead of settling for just any old article, why not play a game of bingo?

Just like inspirational articles, bingo has made a surprise comeback. The BBC reports that as recently as 2004, there had only been 20 sites offering online bingo in the UK. Free Bingo Hunter, a website that specializes in cataloging the UK’s online bingo websites, reports that there are now hundreds of bingo portals, with new portals opening regularly, find it all out yourselves with a quick search. Millions play the game for recreation, but bingo has often been used as a source of inspiration as well, with some bingo portals featuring everyday heroes and sponsoring charity drives.

Of course, as moms, we all need to be as inspiring as we could possibly be. Our kids look up to us, and it’s important that we remain good role models for them, and set good examples for them to emulate as they grow older. Do you think you have what it takes to be counted as a great role model too? Need a quick check to see if you’ve spent the day in as fulfilling a way as possible? We’ve come up with a simple bingo card of the most common pieces of advice given in the thousands of inspirational articles that have been seen in previous years:

You could also carry the bingo card with you as a quick reminder of the things that you can do to make your life just a little bit better every day. As you live each day following the advice on the card, you’re sure to notice that not only are you starting to appreciate life more, but you’re also starting to look forward to seeing your progress day by day.

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