Mighty Salads – a Review

Mighty Salads from the editors of Food42 brings new ideas to the bland land of salad. Mixing and matching things you never thought about using in a salad. Leafy Salads, Less,-leafy Vegetable Salads, Grain & Bean Salads, Pasta & Bread Salads, Fish & Seafood Salads, and Meat Salads are the chapters of the book. Skimming through the book, I loved that every recipe has a corresponding picture. There are also some really great tips and tricks of ways to make your salad better. No more boring work lunches!

On p. 35, the Corn-Barley Salad with Tomato Vinaigrette is at the top of my try list from this book. I’m also curious about White Bean Salad with Fennel Three Ways on p. 81. The Grilled Bread, Broccoli Rabe & Summer Squash Salad sounds extra fancy, but something I’d like to jump out of my comfort zone and try. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to spice up their lunches or dinner or just wants to make their salads more exciting.

I am thankful for Blogging for Books who sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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