Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees {Review}

Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees is a gorgeous cookbook by Kian Lam Kho, which covers essential techniques of authentic Chinese cooking. The first few chapters of the book discuss necessary kitchen materials as well as pantry necessities and basic ingredient preparations and Chinese stocks. The rest of the chapters are divided by cooking techniques.

Like I said this is a gorgeous cookbook filled with many beautiful composed picture of mouth watering Chinese dishes. Many of the ingredients (carp, goose, conch) and techniques needed cook many of these recipes look way out of my league. For an beginner to average cook, this book seems to be more than most would care to try. However, I tempted to keep this book on my shelf because its an eye-catching book and does have a few recipes that don’t seem to hard that would like to try. Three Cup Chicken on p. 206 as well as the West Lake Beef Soup p. 276 are two recipes from this book I’d like to try.

I am thankful for Blogging for Books who sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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