Salad Love {Review}

David Bez (blogger at Salad Pride) is an Art Director/Graphic Designer who wrote a book called Salad Love, where he shares 260 Salad recipes. In an effort to add veggies to his diet, he challenged himself to find ways to make salad exciting. I love the layout of this book and how the salad recipe pages are all organized the same with beautiful, mouthwatering pictures for each and every salad. The first 30 pages of the book, David describes the “Base” of the salad and then gives important details about dressings and other key knowledge needed to make these salads. The rest of the book is divided into 4 sections based on the Season of ingredients. Many people will find his labeling system also super helpful. He labels each recipe with one of these categories (Omnivore, Vegetarian, Raw, Vegan, Pescatarian).

I’m super in love with this book because of the way it’s organized and the pictures. However, when I look closely at the recipes and ingredients, when I’m truthful about it, I’m not sure how many of these salads I’d actually make and eat. On page 12, David shows you how to assemble your salad and I love this ‘template’ for making a salad. I could totally see myself using this in the future (Base, Veggies/Fruits, Protein, Toppings, Fresh herbs, Dressings & spices). I was getting used to the ProteinPromo salads being delivered, which are pretty good (ProteinPromo’s list of deals and offers) – but this seems like the key to making an amazing salad every time!

I am thankful for Blogging for Books who sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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