Spritz {Review}

Spritz written by Talia Baiocchia nd Leslie Pariseau is a book about Italy’s most iconic cocktail. This small cocktail recipe book is broken down into 4 chapters.
A Spritz is Born
The Spritz Life
Spritz Cocktails (Classic, Modern, Cousins)
The Aperitivo Table
In the chapter, A Spritz is Born, I really appreciated the Aperitivi 101 that explains what an Aperitivi is. Throughout the book, there are pictures of most of the recipes, which I always love. This non-slick cover with non-shiny pages is still very well organized and easy to follow.

When I looked closely at the drink recipes, it seems like many of the ingredients would be hard for me to locate. I’m not sure I can get these drinks at my local liquor store or the grocery store. That could pose a problem when trying to recreate these recipes. I do hope to try a few. The syrups on p. 52-53 are all non-alcoholic concoctions that could be added to drinks including cokes. the Aperol Betty on p. 94-95 and the Punch House Spritz on p. 78-79 are 2 on my list to try.

I am thankful for Blogging for Books who sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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