Tabasco Bookbook {Review}

The Tabasco Cookbook is a cute little book filled with recipes that use America’s Favorite Pepper Sauce. The book starts off with an introduction, which was interesting. I loved on p. 15 they included a Piquancy Scale, which helps determine about much tongue stimulation to expect depending on how much Tabasco is used. The books is broken into chapters; Breakfast & Brunch – Soups, Starters, & Drinks – Mains – Sides & Sauces – Desserts

I loved this book because it opened my eyes to using Tabasco in things I’d never realized would benefit from this sauce. The Guacamole p. 35 as well as the Cornmeal Nips on p. 40 both are on my must make ASAP list. Eula Mae’s Jambalaya on p. 80 is one I think I’m going to love as well. The dessert chapter is one that has me the most interested as I don’t usually think about putting spicy into my sweets. Smoldering Swirled Brownies on p. 134-135 along with Hot Bananas with Rum and Chocolate p. 140 sounds delicious. Have you ever used Tabasco in your desserts?

I am thankful for Blogging for Books who sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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