Valentine’s Day Surprise

A few days before Valentine’s Day, I decided I wanted to do something special for Rob. At first my plan was to write on index cards, things I loved about him and hide them around his office. Then, I thought about the little books made out of playing cards. I thought that would be a great idea.

I gathered/purchased the materials needed:
2 boxes of playing cards (Walmart has a package of 2 for $1)
2×2 labels by Avery used Word template 22806/22816
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Stamp Pad – Antique Linen
Sandpaper – I think I used 120 grit – medium
Two 3/4” steel loose leaf book rings
hole puncher
paper towels

1. I started by working on my reasons that will go on the stickers.
2. I went ahead and determined where I wanted the holes. Since there were 4 joker cards, I decided to use one of them as a template. I punched the holes in all the cards.
3. I determined that instead of having the brand new card look, I really wanted a used, antique look, which was going to add some work, but well worth it to me. (Although, I’m sure Rob wouldn’t have cared, either way.)
For the used, antique look, you’ll need to:
4. Sand down each side until you get the look you want. This makes a bit of a mess, so do it over cardboard or something to collect the dust.
feb2013 029

5. I almost decided to leave it at that, but I was really curious to see if the ink would enhance the look. I used my template card as a test. Turned out just like I wanted, so I preceded on.
feb2013 0271

5. After antiquing all the cards, I printed out the labels and put them on the cards. (I won’t tell you how many typos I found and had to reprint.)
feb2013 032

6. The night before Valentine’s, when I got home from work (at midnight), I found Rob’s keys and snuck back out. I drove over to his office to hide the cards. I hid about half of them in his office. Then, I went home and put a few in his car along with the front of the book, with instructions.

feb2013 040

7. On Valentine’s Day, I got up and hid most of the rest around the house; mainly in areas where the kids wouldn’t find them. I drove back over to his office and hid a few more in his car again.

Front cover
feb2013 035

Back cover
feb2013 03611

8. As a last minute thought, I decided on the instructions that I would say that after he found all 54 cards to present me with the instructions and I would give him a special prize.
feb2013 033

So with a just a little work and for about the same cost as a Hallmark card, I was able to give him something for him to treasure and look at when he needs that extra little “pick me up” that we all need at times. 🙂

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